Get company

Get company is used to retrieve companies full details. Get a company by functional id (company or establishment number) and retrieve full information: legal information, location, financial details...


  • search for company by company or establishment number
  • use SIREN or SIRET for France
  • define expected fields


The "Sparklane" company can be found:

  • By company number "508965993", returns head office
  • By establishment number "50896599300027"





In-query parameters:

  • key (required / string) Company or establishment number
  • fields (optional / string array) Result's fields in response

Company details

Default fields :

  • uniqueId Sparklane id (unique across datasources)
  • compNumber Company number (unique for a datasource)
  • estNumber Company head establishment number
  • name Legal company names
  • zip Company head location zip code
  • town Company head location town

Additional fields :

  • activityId Activity id (ie. Code NAF for France)
  • activityLabel Activity label (ie. NAF label for France)
  • address Establishment full address
  • address1 Establishment address first line
  • address2 Establishment address second line
  • address3 Establishment address third line
  • address4 Establishment address fourth line
  • administrativeArea1Id Administrative area first level id (ie. Code région for France)
  • administrativeArea1Label Administrative area first level label (ie. Région for France)
  • administrativeArea2Id Administrative area second level id (ie. Code département for France)
  • administrativeArea2Label Administrative area second level id (ie. Département for France)
  • capital Company capital
  • consolidatedEmployeeNumber Total employee number for companie’s group
  • consolidatedTurnover Total turnover for companie’s group
  • country Country code (ie. FR for France)
  • currency Country currency (ie. EUR for France)
  • employeeNumber Total employee number for companie’s establishments
  • establishmentCount Number of establishments
  • estEmployeeNumber Establishment employee number
  • financialScore Financial score (ie. VERT / ORANGE / ROUGE / LIQUIDATION for France)
  • foreignShareholder Number of foreign shareholders
  • foreignSubsidiary Number of foreign subsidiaries
  • head True if establishment is the head of company
  • isTopParent True if company is the head of group
  • latitude Latitude
  • legalFormGroupId Legal form group id (ie. Référentiel INSEE for France)
  • legalFormGroupLabel Legal form group label (ie. Référentiel INSEE for France)
  • legalFormId Legal form id (ie. Référentiel INSEE for France)
  • legalFormLabel Legal form label (ie. Référentiel INSEE for France)
  • longitude Longitude
  • nic Establishment number
  • phone Establishment phone
  • phoneHead Company head establishment head
  • registrationDate Registration date
  • townCode Town code (ie. Référentiel INSEE for France)
  • turnover Total turnover for companie’s establishments
  • turnoverDate Last published turnover date
  • ultimateHeadCompNumber Head of group company number
  • ultimateHeadName Head of group company name
  • vatNumber VAT number

Code samples


  "name": "INFOTRADE",
  "town": "NANTES",
  "turnover": "3000000"


  <label for="siren">SIREN : </label><input type="text" name="siren">
  <label for="nom">Nom : </label><input type="text" name="nom">
  <label for="ville">Ville : </label><input type="text" name="ville">
  <label for="ca">CA : </label><input type="text" name="ca">
  <input type="button" name="getCompany" value="Get company">

<!-- Import JQuery UI library (see -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
  // Use JQuery UI autocomplete (see
  $("input[name=getCompany]").click(function() {
      // Call Sparklane API with company number
      url : ""
        + $("input[name=siren]").val()
        + "?fields=name&fields=town&fields=turnover",
      // Set Basic auth header
      beforeSend: function (xhr) {
        xhr.setRequestHeader ("Authorization", "Basic " + YOUR_TOKEN);
      success : function(data) {
        // Use response