Welcome to Sparklane API

Discover Sparklane API and retrieve the complete informations about companies. Sparklane API provides advanced features to search, score and follow live companie's news. Find more than 10 millions companies accross multiple countries.



Sparklane API is a private API. To sign up and get your access key, please contact the Sparklane sales team. Also, to retrieve your access restrictions, please refer to your sales conditions.

Getting started

Sparklane API implements REST protocol based on HTTPs. Basicly, you can use curl in shell command. Of course, you can also use any HTTP client in your favorite language.

To validate network connections, run the first simple command :

curl -I https://api.sparklane.fr/v5/status

You should obtain a success response code (ie. 200).


Sparklane API is based on Basic Auth authentication method. This standard describes the way to provide username and password in request's header. When you open your API account, Sparklane will give you your username, password and the token to use (the base64 encoding of id and password). In each API request, you must provide this token in Authorization header.

To validate your token, run this simple command (replacing by your token) :

curl -I -H "Authorization: Basic YOUR_TOKEN" https://api.sparklane.fr/v5/check_token

You should obtain a success response code (ie. 200).


Sparklane API implements standards HTTP status codes. A 2xx response code means that the request is successful. In the others cases, please refer to the HTTP specification to understand your result code.

Common errors

Error Description
401 - Unauthorized Set the header "Authorization: Basic YOUR TOKEN"
401 - Invalid authentication credentials Your token is not available: check that you don't make mistake copying it
403 - You cannot consume this service Your token is validated but you're not allowed to access to this service
429 - Too Many Request You sent too many requests related to your usage conditions
5xx - Internal Server Error The Sparklane API is encoutering a technical problem: you could retry in a few minutes

In any case, if you need help, you could contact the Sparklane support team.